Najem ADHD Clinic

Dr Badie Najem

Dr. Najem has been practicing in
the Metro Detroit area for
the over 20 years. He's
made a difference in the lives of
many of children and adults by
diagnosing and treating
their ADD and ADHD disorders.

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Our Resources

  • Rx

    ADHD Medications

    There are many medications that a patient can take. There are two main types of medications. Stiumulants and non-stimulants.
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  • S

    ADHD Suppliments

    ADHD support package.
    1) Pro Omega high EPA & DHA,
    2) Super B Complex,
    3) Vitamin E.
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  • T

    Online Testing

    Our online test was developed by the American Psychiatric Association in 2000. You or your child can take it at your convience.
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  • H

    Behavioral Health Topics

    Covering a Varity of Health Issues
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Najem ADHD Clinic

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